Because of the street harassment comic that Dorktoes made last week, I got inspired to do my own. (if you don’t know them, check it out)
FYI, if you’re not the hissing type, I find that gobbling up and down like a chicken also does wonders for getting bigots of your case.

Growing up – p3

Page 3 of the Goth comic. Page 2. Page 1.

Hey you all!
I’ve been updating my software, and getting to know Krita drawing software.
It took some practice, but now that we’ve gotten to know each other, I’m totally in love with it.

After some evaluation of my older work, I noticed I’m kind of tackling this whole story in the wrong format. Especially for online work, the text isn’t clear enough and I need to start including more traditional comic frames to make the whole thing more liable.
So. I’m going to rework some of the earlier panels from the Goth comic. The follow up on the story might take me another few weeks or so.

In the meantime, I’ll be publishing other comics that are unrelated to this story line.
Please sit tight, more IS A COMING.

Much love,

Maybe they’re born with it

hunnypleaseWonderful news. Major cosmetic brands seem to have -finally- jumped on the MAC wagon, and are breaking their demographic wide open.
The branding effect seems to head for an escalating curve. With James Charles as our new CoverGirl, Maybeline now closes the ranks with youtube star and fashionista extraordinaire Manny Gutierrez. Aside from the fact that he is fierce, fabulous and a male identifying human with a face to die for, he is also gay and to top it of, a human of color.


Hold the phone. Mainstream representation? Can it be?
Well thank you, 2017, for starting us off with a queertastic BANG.

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Costumes versus style.

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The word “costume” is usually interpreted as “a set of clothes worn by an actor or performer for a particular role”, and is as thus a diminishing term to use to describe certain cultures styles.

With little representation, most people only know a Gothic style as something you dress up as for Halloween or for a music video. And then tend to you stop thinking of those dressed that way as real people. This is a problem shared by many communities, whose particular style may be viewed as rather strange by an at large Western society that dresses in what can only be described as utterly boring sameness.

All this to say; don’t call strangers names in the street.