How the comic-thing works

As you all well know, I adore drawing. I would draw all day, every day, if I could.
But, as a freelancer in this economy, I sometimes have a gap between assignments where things can get a little stressful. This is where you, the comic – and Patreon – come in.

With your help, I’ve been making a comic
for you to laugh at, to talk about, and to share with your friends.
I update weekly, on Wednesdays.

It’s been a cu-raaazy ride.
I’ve always wanted to make comics on big bad issues. Stuff like feminism, queer culture, gender equality and all that noise. I’ve also always been terrified to publish anything.
But, the response has been great, and I’ve decided to keep this project going.
Reoccurring themes are; myself, my trans partner, polyamory, artist life, the gender binary, the Gothic subculture and much more weird stuff.

Want in on this?
That’s so totally AWESOME! It is your support that makes these comics possible. If you decide to become one of my Patrons, you’ll be making donations per comic I publish. Pledgers recieve perks, like poster prints or a portrait.
If you donate, even as little as two dollars a month, you get early access to everything, holiday greetings and more fun behind the scenes stuff. Whenever you see one of my creations online, pat yourself on the back, cause you helped make that happen.
You can sign up over at

Don’t have no dollar?
Hey, no hard feelings, homeslice. You can still enjoy the comics here, a week after they are published on Patreon. They appear on facebook too.
Share me with your friends, and thanks a ton for taking an interest!

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